Why does my KYC keep failing?

The e-KYC Nanovest process should be completed in 2-3 minutes. There are several things that can cause your KYC to fail:

When uploading E-KTP:
- E-KTP data is not clearly legible
- KTP number is not registered in other Nanovest accounts
- NIK, name, place or date of birthday are entered incorrectly so they cannot be verified with Dukcapil data

During liveness check:
- Your face is not visible due to lighting or accessories
- Your camera cannot identify your face because of movement or other people captured in the frame
- Your movements don't match the instructions

Make sure to follow the KYC instructions carefully to ensure a smooth process. If it fails, you can try the KYC process up to 1 more time, for further assistance, contact us at care@nanovest.io

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