Why has my top up via e-Wallet failed?

Currently Nanovest could receive top up via Gopay, Dana, OVO and ShopeePay. If you experience an obstacle where you cannot top up your balance, there are several things you should pay attention to, including the following:
1. Make sure you have installed the relevant e-Wallet applications before making a balance top up transaction in your Nanovest account.
2. When you are about to top up, an application selection pop will appear to select the application to use. Make sure you have select the correct application.
3. Make sure the Nanovest and e-Wallet applications are updated to the latest version. If the application you are using is still not updated, usually sometimes there will be an error or your application freezes when it is about to make a transaction.

Please allow some time before attempting to top-up again. You might want to close and re-open Nanovest app in between. If you are still unsuccessful, try to add money via VA and Giftcard.

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