Why is my account is locked?

There are several reasons your account is locked including:
1. Indication of suspicious activity (Wrong SMS OTP 4 times in a row, or wrong PIN 4 times in a row, or suspicious transactions)

2. Indication of suspicious activity (accepting digital assets transfer or selling/buying assets unreasonably)
3. Indication of violation of terms and conditions (T&C violation, problematic data on KYC)
4. There is a technical error in our system

For foreign stocks, your account can also be locked if there is a violation of the day trading rules (to understand the global stock day trading rules, click (https://nanovest.zendesk.com/hc/id/articles/4404492348185-Apa-itu-Pattern- Day-Trading-)

If your account is locked due to an OTP and PIN error, please contact us at care@nanovest.io or the help center on the Nanovest application by sending a screenshot of the account lock, nanotag, full name, email, and mobile number

If your account is locked due to other indications of suspicious activity, violation of T&C, or technical error, the Nanovest team will review your account temporarily and will inform you of further developments.

Don't worry, if it is proven that there is no suspicious activity on your account, the Nanovest team will reopen your account and return the balance you have.


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