Why is my account is locked?

"There are several reasons why your account is locked including:

1. You entered the wrong PIN 4 times in a row
2. There is suspicious activity on your transactions
3. Indication of violation of terms and conditions (violation of T&C, problematic data in KYC)
4. There is a technical error in our system

If you experience some of the above, here's what you can do

1. Entering the wrong PIN, you can reset your PIN by clicking here. 
2. If your account is locked due to OTP and PIN errors, please contact us via Live Chat in the application by sending a screenshot of the account lock, nanotag, full name, email, and cellphone number.
3. If your account is locked due to other indications of suspicious activity, T&C violations, or technical errors, the Nanovest team will contact you via a separate email registered to your account.

Don't worry, if it is proven that there is no suspicious activity on your account, the Nanovest team will reopen your account."


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