Why did my KYC submission fail?

Here are some reasons why your KYC might fail:

  1. Age below 18 years, ensure you are 18 years old when registering.
  2. E-KTP is not clearly readable, use adequate lighting and ensure it's not blurry.
  3. E-KTP data does not match Dukcapil, make sure the E-KTP data matches Dukcapil records.
  4. Liveness check not following instructions, follow the liveness check instructions correctly.
  5. E-KTP is already registered in our system, if you forgot your account, contact us.

If you still encounter issues after checking the above, contact us via email at care@nanovest.io or live chat, and include:

  1. Full name
  2. Phone number
  3. Screenshot of the failure

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