How to Withdraw wallet balance to my bank account?

Follow these instructions to withdraw your wallet balance to your linked destination bank account:

1. Go to Wallet, click Withdraw
2. To add bank account, Select bank and fill in your account number, click Add your bank account
3. And you're done with linking your account! An acknowledgement of your bank account being linked should appear on your screen.
4. If bank account is not found or name does not match your KTP name, you can change bank account or contact us.

Continue on to withdraw your wallet balance to your linked bank account.

5. To withdraw, enter your withdrawal amount. Note there is a minimum of Rp 15.000 and maximum of Rp 100.000.000 per transaction, and a daily maximum limit of Rp 250.000.000. You are also limited by your wallet balance. Click continue.
6. Review your withdraw details, click Confirm.
7. You should see a pop up with associated platform charges.
8. Input PIN code
9. Succes! Your withdrawal amount shoud be received in your account within maksimum 1 working day
10. If transaction is In progress, it is due to service downtime and we will process your withdrawal as quickly as possible. If transaction has Failed, you may try again or contact us through Live Chat here or via Nanovest official Telegram:

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