How to Withdraw wallet balance to my bank account?

Follow these instructions to withdraw your Wallet Balance to your bank account:

1. Open theLogo_horizontal.pngapp


2. Select Wallet menu then click withdraw money


3. Select Bank account on the withdrawal method, click continue


4. Select the bank account and input the amount you want to withdraw, click continue

IMG_20240228_102335.jpg  IMG_20240228_102416.jpg

5. Check your withdrawal details again, click confirm



6. Enter your PIN



7. Funds will be directly deposited into your account, but it may take up to 1 business day to process.
8. In-process transactions are caused by service downtime and we will process your withdrawal as soon as possible. If the transaction fails, you can try again or contact us via Live Chat in the app or email

Notes: The minimum disbursement amount is Rp15,000 and the maximum is Rp100,000,000 for each money withdrawal transaction to all banks, while the maximum limit for disbursement per day is Rp250,000,000 to banks supported by BI FAST. 

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