Why have I not received transfer digital assets from my friend?

Nanovest user can transfer digital assets to existing Nanovest user or non-user. If you are a non-user, you would need to register yourself to Nanovest in order to receive the transfer payment. In normal situation, you should receive the transfer instantaneously.

There are several reason why you might not receive transfer payment:
If you are already a user:
- Your friend enter the wrong phone number

If you are a non-user/newly registered user:
- Tiime for receiving payment has passed (you need to register to Nanovest within 48 hr of money sent by your friend, if no then we'll send back the money to your friend)
- You register with a different number with the number inputted by your friend

Please check with the sender that they have used the correct account details. If you haven’t received the money within 48 hours, please reach us through Live Chat in the app.

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