How to send money to non Nanovest account?

To send a payment:

1. Go to Wallet, click on Transfer
2. View contact list page (grant permission if not yet)
3. Select contact. You may search by name, nanotag of phone number
4. Enter payment amount (there is a minimum of Rp 5.000 and maximum of Rp 50.000.000), tap Continue
5. If KYC has not been completed, you would have to complete it to continue with your transfer
6. Review your summary page, click Transfer now
7. Key in payment details, click Transfer now
8. Key in PIN code
9. Payment success!

If receipient is not a Nanovest user and does not register for a Nanovest account within 48 hours, you will receive a refund of your transfer in around 48 hours. You may view your refund in your transaction history.

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