How to deposit rupiah into Nanovest account

Here’s how to deposit logo iddr_1.png into yourLogo_horizontal.pngaccount.
Click the ‘Wallet‘ menu, select ‘dompet logo iddr_1.png ‘

Deposit Method:

  1. Virtual Account
    Enter the amount you wish to deposit. Select the source of funds that you want to deposit, choose Bank Transfer and select the virtual account to transfer to, and transfer the selected amount into the virtual account. YourLogo_horizontal.pngbalance will be updated within 1 to 3 hours during business days
  2. E-wallet
    On the Source of Funds, select ‘Electronic Money (OVO, Shopeepay, GoPay, or Dana)’, then click ‘QRIS (e-wallet)’ if you wish to use OVO, Shopeepay, GoPay, or Dana supported e-wallets.
  3. Gift Card
    On the Gift Card page, copy the gift code from the gift sent to your email through the purchase on Laxada or Blibli.
  4. Crypto Network
    On the Crypto Network page, select the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) network, then copy the code and paste it into the sender's network address.


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