How to create account in Nanovest?

Once you have downloaded theLogo_horizontal.pngapp on or , follow these steps:

1. Click 'Get Started'



2. Enter your mobile number


3. Enter the OTP code received via SMS or WA.


4. Enter the referral code if available. if not, you can get the referral code in the Nanovest Telegram community group. however, you can also skip this stage.



5. Your account has been successfully created!


6. Create a new PIN and confirm the PIN again

    1709218492428.jpg  1709218492422.jpg

7. Create your Nanotag (Nanotag is a unique username that is used as a user identity in the application)



If you want to make a transaction, you must complete the KYC verification process.

- The cellphone number entered can only be registered with an Indonesian operator.
- One account can only use a mobile number and email that has not been registered before.

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