How do I post a comment to someone’s post on NanoFeeds?

If you want to leave a comment on another user’s post, follow the following steps:

1. Tap other user post on NanoFeeds or their profile


2. It will redirect you to post details image

    1712547542161 (1).jpg

3. Find typing bar with the text “Share your thoughts”

    1712547542133 (1).jpg

4. Click on the typing bar

    1712547542133 (1).jpg

5. It will open up the keyboard

    1712547542151 (1).jpg

6. Click + button if you want to insert image and ticker

    1712547542123 (1).jpg    1712547542142 (1).jpg

7. After writing all the characters you can send the comment by clicking the send button (represented by a paper plane icon).


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