How to KYC on Nanovest?

Here are the steps you can follow:


1. After registration, you can perform KYC on the main page of Nanovest Application


2. Enter your email for verification. Make sure the writing is correct!


3. Take a photo of your original E-KTP.


4. Confirm E-KTP Data, check the data that appears.


5. Enter your Zip Code.


6. Perform a liveness check according to the following instructions:

   a. Your face is clearly visible with sufficient lighting and without accessories 
   b. Point the camera in front of your face and make sure there is no movement or other people caught           in the frame
   c. Move your face on the camera as instructed

7. Fill in your job profile.

8. Swipe to the right side of the button on KYC Terms and Conditions.


Wait for a moment, if a green tick appears on the screen then your KYC has been completed!


However, there is a possibility that the verification process may take longer as it requires further checks.

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