How to KYC on Nanovest?

The KYC process atLogo_horizontal.pngis very easy! Follow these steps:

1. After registering, open theLogo_horizontal.pngapp and select "verify now". 


2. Enter your email for verification, ensure the email is correct.


3. Enter the OTP code received to verify your email.


4. Take a photo of your original E-KTP (Electronic ID).


5. Confirm your E-KTP data, ensure everything is correct.


6. Enter the postal code matching your identity address.


7. Perform a liveness check:
- Ensure your face is clearly visible, without accessories, and with sufficient lighting.
- Aim the camera at your face, make sure there are no movements or other people behind you.
- Follow instructions for facial movements.

8. Enter job information.

9. Slide the button to agree to the KYC Terms and Conditions.Wait a moment. If a green checkmark appears on the screen, KYC is successful!


10. Wait a moment, if a green checkmark appears on the screen, your KYC is successful!


Encountering issues with the KYC process? Contact us via Live Chat in the app or email

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