How to print physical gold?

To print physical gold, you can follow these steps, 

  1. Open Nanovest app
  2. Click Non-Crypto menu
  3. Click “Gold”
  4. Find “Print Physical Gold” feature at the bottom of the page
  5. Select gold bar grammage and confirm
    • Please ensure your digital gold balance is enough to be converted to physical gold. You can buy more digital gold before completing the gold printing order.
  6. Complete your order delivery detail
    • After you have confirmed the gold bar selection, please also confirm the delivery address. You can update the delivery address if you wish to send the physical gold into a different address.
  7. Make payment for your order
    • Ensure your Nanovest wallet balance is enough to pay fees associated with printing.Then, input your pin to authorize the payment.
  8. Gold printing order successfully made!
    • Once payment is successfully made, then your printing order is successfully created.

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