What is the Crypto asset deposit limit in the Nanovest application?

The maximum Crypto asset deposit depends on each sending exchange, while the minimum Crypto asset deposit is as follows:


No Asset Name Available Network Minimum Deposit
1 ETH ERC20 0.00000001
2 BTC Bitcoin 0.00000001
3 USDT BEP20 0.01
4 USDT ERC20 0.00000001
5 USDT Tron (TRC20) 0.00000001
6 NBT BEP20 100
7 BNB BEP20 0.00000001
8 MATIC Polygon 0.00000001
9 USDC ERC20 0.00000001

Attention: Please make sure the minimum amount has been reached. If the minimum conditions are not met, Crypto assets will not be credited to the destination account.

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