How do I return crypto assets deposits that have not been credited to my account?

If you do some of the following cases:

  • Deposits of unregistered tokens
  • Deposits for registered tokens are not added to the balance.
  • Deposits with missing or incorrect memos
  • Incorrect network

Although Nanovest can assist you in recovering your assets, it is important to note that Nanovest cannot guarantee a 100% success rate in every case.


A crypto asset deposit cannot be returned if:

  • You entered the incorrect withdrawal address 
  • You are the sender and make a deposit to another user's account 
  • You submit an asset return in the name of someone else 
  • Transactions on the blockchain have the status “unconfirmed” or “failed,”  indicating that they were not successful


If your assets can be recovered, you will be charged a recovery fee of 100 USDT. When applying for recovery, the USDT must be in your balance, and nanovest will deduct the USDT just before the restore process begins.


If you want to proceed, fill out the Asset Recovery Form to get started

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