Why has my balance not increased after I made a deposit?

The main reasons for the delay for each coin are:

There are three possible explanations for why your balance has not increased.

1. What should I do now if the network has been confirmed but the deposit has not been added to my balance?

Although my deposit was confirmed on the blockchain network, my crypto asset balance atLogo_horizontal.pngdid not increase.

There are three steps involved in transferring money from an external platform toLogo_horizontal.png:

  • Withdrawal from external platforms
  • Blockchain network confirmation
  • Logo_horizontal.pngadds money to your account

When you withdraw a crypto asset from a platform and it shows as "complete" or "success," it means the platform has sent your transaction to the blockchain network. However, this does not imply that the transaction has been fully confirmed and successful.

Each blockchain has its own set of rules regarding how many confirmations a transaction requires before it is considered complete. As a result, it may take some time for your transactions to go through all of the necessary “network confirmations” and your funds to appear where you want them to appear. Be patient and check your account every hour for a maximum of 1 hour. 

The network can become overcrowded at times, causing delays in processing your transactions. But don’t worry, you can track your transfer and see what’s going on by using TxID (Transaction ID). You only need to use blockchain explorer to check the status.

Wait and be patient if your transaction has not been confirmed by the blockchain network or has not reached the minimum number of confirmations requested by the platform.Logo_horizontal.pngwill credit your account as soon as everything is completed. 

However, if the transaction has been confirmed but the funds have yet to appear in your account, don’t worry! Simply report to us via Live Chat in the app or email care@nanovest.io, and we’ll look into it for you. 

2. Depositing crypto assets that are not supported byLogo_horizontal.png

I made an unintentional deposit on an asset thatLogo_horizontal.pngdoes not support. View the assets thatLogo_horizontal.pngsupports.

Only the coins and networks listed on your assets page are accepted byLogo_horizontal.png. Don’t worry if you deposit unsupported coins to yourLogo_horizontal.pngwallet address; theLogo_horizontal.pngteam may be able to assist you in recovering your assets.

It is important to note, however, thatLogo_horizontal.pngcannot guarantee a 100% success rate in every case.

If theLogo_horizontal.pngteam is unable to recover your assets, you will lose your unsupported coin deposit indefinitely. To avoid potential losses, double-check your deposits and ensure you're sending the correct coins to the correct wallet address.

If your assets can be recovered, you must pay a recovery fee; if you want to proceed, fill out the Asset Recovery Form to get started.

3. Deposit is made to an address that did not belong toLogo_horizontal.png.

I made a deposit to the incorrect address, which does not belong toLogo_horizontal.png.

We will be unable to assist you if you send your tokens to an address that is not owned byLogo_horizontal.png. You can seek assistance from the appropriate parties (the owner of the address or the exchange/platform where the address is located).

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