How To Repay NanoCard Bill?

Repay your card bill in Nanovest through these simple steps:

1. Go to card main page

Open Nanovest app homepage and scroll down until you find NanoCard banner

2. Go to my bills page

There are some menu within card page to help you manage your NanoCard. Bill repayment is in My Bill page

3. Click pay now button

In this page, you can click on the Total Bill Due to check the monthly billing detail

4. Ensure your balance is enough

If your balance is not enough, you can top up your balance easily through some methods available in Nanovest app.

5. Confirm payment

After you check the billing detail and ensure the balance is enough, you can confirm to make a payment

6. Input your PIN

You will authorize the transaction once the PIN is entered. You have 4 attempts to enter the PIN, so ensure you have the correct PIN code

7. Payment successfully made

You've finished the repayment, your credit limit will be reinstate in the next billing cycle

You can always go back to this page for billing repayment instruction. See you in the next billing cycle!

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